Digi-AEC webinars by SCA

Repeat - reinforce - connect the dots

We present two webinars that sum up the core subjects for the Digi-AEC Workshops.

The main focus for Webinar 1 is how the building owners establish collaborative, value based project teams: enabling VDC

The main focus for Webinar 2 is how to use digital tools to support industrialization, using BIM, PIM and AIM as platforms for including specialist supplier knowledge in the design and build stages

-and to support prefabrication and supply chain management on site


Webinar: Strategy, Project definition:

-laying the terms for efficient project execution

2020 - 15. June, 12.00 (Oslo)

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How owners define the outcome of a project before it has even begun

A critical component for an efficient, digitally driven industry is a structured process, with structured requirements, activities, outputs and priorities.

RIBA Plan of Works defines a process map, and we will use this framework to map and place activities, responsibilities collaboration techniques and focus areas throughout the project.

In this workshop we introduce some crucial elements for the owner to facilitate in order to enable collaboration in the design and build phases.

After all, the rules, terms and conditions for all project participants are defined in the contract, and the procurement strategy, defined by the owner.

We look into how to define a scope, how to organize multidiciplinary concept development, and how to ensure that architects, engineers, builders and suppliers all have the same motivation for delivering the best building possible.

Collaboration is limited or reinforced by this strategy, before the project activities start.

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Webinar: BIM based industralisation

2020 - June 17, 12.00 (Oslo)

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Industrialization implies that we plan before we build, and that construction developes towards assembly of prefabricated units and sections

- as opposed to manual production on site.

Strategic design methodology (VDC) involving suppliers of the various technical systems gives the foundation for production planning, accurate forcasting and resource planning.

This results in a substantially more effeicient production phase, and higher delivered quality.

This workshop introduces some important aspects of strategic BIM usage, PIM - Project Information Management as resource planning platform, and how the systems can support an efficient Supply Chain Management

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